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SubjectRe: IEEE-1394 problem on init [ was Re: Linux 2.4.21-rc1 ]
On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 10:23:53AM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:

> > While this is a reasonable explanation, we are now in rc mode, and
> > your changes are not trivial, they could introduce a big pile of
> > new bugs.
> >
> > Marcelo, please revert the latest IEEE1394 changeset entirely.
> >
> > Let's hope that things will happen differently in 2.4.22-pre :(
> Uh no, reverting it will just re-introduce bugs that it fixed.

Maybe, but the version prior to 2.4.21-pre7 worked pretty good
for me.

> 2.4.22-pre should have come around a long time ago. The only reason most
> of the changes in 2.4.21-pre for ieee1394 are there is because of the
> amount of time that 2.4.21-pre has been sitting around. I was trying to
> hold off most of these changes for 2.4.22-pre, but .21-pre lingered for
> so long it became unreasonable.

I entirely agree.

However, the patch we are discussing has only *6 days*. If you had
submitted it 2 months ago, there wouldn't be such problems.

[BTW: searching back the l-k archives doesn't find any occurances of
your patch. I guess you sended it directly to Marcelo...]

> Then after a long huge pause, it suddenly goes -rc. Should that leave me
> stuck? Don't think so.

Sure, you should continue development and submit a fresh new version
ready to be tested in 2.4.22-pre1/pre2.

As for 2.4.21, well, we want something pretty well tested. Will this
be the case with your new mega-patch ? I don't think so. The safest
is to go back to a version which worked. At least the bugs of that
version are known, which is not the case for the new version.

Stelian Pop <>
Alcove -
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