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SubjectRe: grsecurity in 2.5?
* Grzegorz Jaskiewicz ( wrote:

> Maybe we should start to bring them piece by piece, fe. PaX first and
> others.

PaX is an example of something that won't port to LSM. The grsecurity
MAC, RBAC, chroot restrictions, TPE are the types of things that would port

> Question is not that will somebody do that, i am sure of that - grsec is
> needed in 2.4 - and it will be needed in 2.6. Question is, if it will be
> included in mainstream kernel release ?

I don't expect to see it in 2.6 mainline at all. The patch could be
reduced if some of the core access control logic was placed in an LSM.

Linux Security Modules
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