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    SubjectPlz help!!
    Hi guys!!!

    This is my first mail to ts list and i'm eagerly awaiting a
    reply. I was goin thru the printk source and found out that pritk was
    calling the write method of struct console 's present on a list
    pointed to by console_drivers. So I thot of adding my own console
    driver like this....

    #define MODULE
    #define __KERNEL__

    void my_write(struct console *co,const char *buf,unsigned count)
    struct tty_struct *my_tty;
    my_tty = current->tty;
    if(my_tty != NULL)

    struct console my_console = {

    int init_module()
    return 0;

    void cleanup_module()

    When I insmoded the module (in run level 3) it worked fine. While it
    was still inserted i typed 'startx' and when i pressed 'Enter' ,the
    machine instantly rebooted!!! I tried this again and it happened. With
    MYCON registered ,if I issue the startx command ,the machine reboots.
    Also if MYCON is registered and I shutdown using 'init 0' again the reboot
    happens.Can anyone explain??

    Bijoy Jacob Thomas

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