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    SubjectRe: PATCH: MTRR save and restore.

    > I'd like to see the rest of this thread ;)
    > > > > > We could add it to suspend scripts, but wouldn't mtrrs fit into the
    > > > > > driver model idea? Would you say the same thing about implementing S3
    > > > > > support?
    > > > >
    > > > > I think going through the driver model is the right thing to
    > > > > do.
    > > >
    > > > It's useless bloat.
    > What exactly is useless bloat? Based on the level of indentation, I'd
    > assume that Richard said to elaborate?

    Richard claims that MTRR save/restore is "useless bloat" and that it
    can be don in userspace. He wants userland daemon to do it. I believe
    that's bad idea (for reasons like suspend when battery low).

    [This is what I said]
    > > There's no helper daemon, nor I plan to make one. Notice that mtrr
    > > stuff is shared between S3 (== suspend to ram) and swsusp. Both S3 and
    > > swsusp can be used to do some pretty important stuff (machine
    > > overheats or battery critically low -> suspend somewhere), so I do not
    > > think userland daemon is good idea.
    > >
    > > It can be dependend on CONFIG_PM; if you still think that's too much
    > > bloat, it could be dependend on CONFIG_SLEEP which could be only
    > > compiled when S3 or swsusp is selected (but I feel that would be
    > > overdesign).
    > Yes, that's too much.
    > MTRRs are one interface to an x86 CPU. CPUs are already represented in the
    > device tree. The proper thing to do would be to have the CPU suspend/
    > resume methods save and restore the MTRRs. It still requires an #ifdef in
    > the CPU code, but with a little work, could be massaged down a ways.

    Yep, agreed, mtrrs need in-kernel save/restore support.
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