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SubjectRe: [OT] patch splitting util(s)?
Pete Zaitcev wrote:
>>> > I didn't have much luck with googling. I think the words I used are too
>>> > generic. :/
>>>Google for diffsplit. Its part of Tim Waugh's patchutils.
>>>Patchutils should be part of pretty much every distro these days too.
>>I'm aware of patchutils. (Check the 0.2.22 Changelog ;) ) However,
>>splitdiff doesn't do what I'm after, from my initial look. Though now
>>that I think about it, it suggests an alternative solution. A
>>'shatterdiff' that created one diff file per hunk in a patch would give
>>me basically what I want.
> I moaned at Tim until he caved in and added an '-s' option
> couple of weeks ago. It should be in a fresh rawhide srpm.

I'm not finding a -s option in Tim's 0.2.23pre1 release. Where should I
be looking for it?

> Mind, you can do what you want even now, with -n (for line numbers)
> and a little bit of sh or perl, but all concievable solutions
> require several passes over the diff, which gets tiresome
> if you diff 2.4.9 (RH 7.2) and 2.4.18 (RH 8.0). The -s option
> does it in one pass.


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