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SubjectRe: [PATCH] M68k IDE updates

On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, Paul Mackerras wrote:
> Since __ide_mm_insw doesn't get told whether it is transferring normal
> sector data or drive ID data, it can't necessarily do the right thing
> in both situations.

Can we please then just separate the two functions out into "fetch sector
data" and "fetch drive ID"? And NOT playing with another frigging broken
passed-down flag that people get wrong and isn't obvious what it does
anyway? It's a lot easier to do

/* On sane architectures, data and ID are accessed the same */
#define ide_fetch_sector_data(...) __ide_fetch_data(..)
#define ide_fetch_id_data(...) __ide_fetch_data(..)

than it is to carry a flag around and having to remember to get it right
in every place this is used.

It's more efficient too, but the _clarity_ and lack of dynamic flags is a
hell of a lot more important.

And stupid architectures that may have to re-implement (and possible
duplicate) the ID fetch code only have themselves to blame. Although it
might easily be as simple as

* The PCI bus is wired up the wrong way, we need to byteswap
* the ID results after they come back
static inline xxx ide_fetch_id_data(...)

and please keep this in some m68k-specific file instead of forcing
_everybody_ to know about the braindamage.


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