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    SubjectRe: Processor sets (pset) for linux kernel 2.5/2.6?
    On Sat, Apr 12, 2003 at 12:20:35PM +0100, Shaheed R. Haque wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Looking through the archive etc., I cannot see any references to pset
    > functionality more recently than
    > announcing an updated patch in April 1999. Are there any plans out there to
    > include this, or similar functionality in 2.5/2.6? I'm particularly interested
    > in getting exclusive access to a CPU (plus or minus HT support, for now anyway).

    Shaheed, I think that task->cpu_allowed covers your need, since it
    describes a mask of cpu�'s allowed to run the task. CPU migration, for
    example, is implemented in current scheduler by saving the
    current cpu_allowed, forcing it to contain only the destination CPU and
    then restoring it.

    I think it's carried over by fork(), but have been unable to find
    it on the sources.

    HT is accounted as a NUMA SMP system with strong memory affinity
    for his 2 cores, so that when running 2 HT processors (2+2 cores),
    the tasks are kept preferably on the same HT processor and just bounce
    cores, since they share the same cache (don't know exactly L1, L2 or
    both, tough).

    Greets, Antonio.
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