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SubjectRe: 2.5.67-mm2
On Sun, 2003-04-13 at 03:08, Andrew Morton wrote:
> . Lots of misc saved-up things.
> . I've changed the 32-bit dev_t patch to provide a 12:20 split rather than
> 16:16. This patch is starting to drag a bit and unless someone stops me I
> might just go submit the thing.

Any patches for CardBus/PCMCIA support? It's broken for me since
2.5.66-mm2 (it works with 2.5.66-mm1) probably due to PCI changes or the
new PCMCIA state machine: if I boot my machine with my 3Com CardBus NIC
plugged in, the kernel deadlocks while checking the sockets, but it
works when booting with the card unplugged, and then plugging it back
once the system is stable (for example, init 1).

I have written to Russell King, but had no response from him. Maybe he
is too busy. I'm stuck at 2.5.66-mm1 on my laptop.

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