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    SubjectRe: 2.5.67: ext3 and tcp BUG()/oops/error/whatnot?
    On 11 Apr 2003, Martin Josefsson wrote:

    > I have a IMO better patch than the one you have and I have tried to get
    > Harald to approve one of the patches, I just can't get any kind of
    > response from him.
    > The new one doesn't leave any dangling pointers around.
    > This is the one I'd prefer, I just need to get it blessed.

    Martin, it looks ok to me, and I'm also fine to go with your judgement on

    > I'd say we get this to Linus and then Harald can submit a diffrent fix
    > if he doesn't approve of this one since it seems it can cause crashes.

    Agreed. The fix can be tested in 2.5 then backported to 2.4 once everyone
    is happy.

    - James
    James Morris

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