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SubjectRe: USB optical mouse on laptop causes bk12 boot to hang
On Mon, 7 Apr 2003, Greg KH wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 07, 2003 at 09:23:19AM -0400, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> >
> > on to the next issue. the setup:
> > dell inspiron 8100 laptop
> > RH 9
> > 2.5.66-bk12
> >
> > for ergonomic reasons, rather than use the laptop keyboard and
> > touchpad, i have (under the previous RH 8 and 2.4.20) been using
> > an external PS/2 keyboard and logitech USB optical mouse. this
> > setup has been working fine -- when both external input devices
> > are connected, i can use either keyboard, and just the optical
> > USB mouse.
> >
> > booting under 2.5.66-bk12, if just the keyboard is connected,
> > no problem. the boot works, both keyboards are active, and the
> > touchpad works.
> >
> > however, if i connect *only* the optical mouse, the boot gets
> > to "Freeing unused kernel memory", hangs for about a minute,
> > then powers down the box. not good. (same thing happens if
> > both external keyboard and mouse are connected, so i've isolated
> > it to just the optical mouse).
> What happens when you plug in the mouse, after the boot process has
> completed?

ok, here's the result of testing all this with 2.5.67-bk2. i built
a new kernel and modules, rebooted and:

1) with USB optical mouse and PS/2 keyboard:
system hangs after "Freeing unused kernel memory"

2) with USB optical mouse only:
same problem as 1)

3) with PS/2 keyboard only:
boots fine, both keyboards work, and onboard touchpad works

so having the mouse plugged into the USB port seems to be the issue.

and checking further, i find that i've apparently no USB support
loaded whatsoever. i plugged in the mouse, and got no reaction
(i was tailing /var/log/messages at the time). plugged in a
USB zip drive, still no reaction at all.

/var/log/dmesg shows nothing related to USB recognition.
and another oddity is that, as the system was booting, i got
a complaint that it couldn't mount the FAT partition as the
kernel had no vfat support.

but i have vfat support as a module, however, "lsmod" shows
a really skimpy set of loaded modules. it looks like autoloading
of modules just isn't happening. i don't even have a module for
the USB bus, which explains a lot.

i have full module support selected in kernel configuration,
but it seems that the required modules just aren't being loaded
on demand.

i just tested and "modprobe" seems to work, but i don't
understand why none of this stuff is being loaded at boot

i'm still running under the new kernel, so i'm willing to
entertain things i can check, but i have no X session (nvidia,
which i haven't even *tried* to set up under 2.5.67).

any hints?


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