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Subject[PATCH] Filesystem aio rdwr patchset
Have taken a first pass at implementing the write path
for filesystem aio.

Attached as a response to this mail is the full
patchset for filesystem aio (retry based model) including
read and write paths.

01aioretry.patch : this is the common generic aio
retry code
02aiordwr.patch : this is the filesystem read+write
changes for aio using the retry model

03aiobread.patch : code for async breads which can
be used by filesystems for providing async get block
04ext2-aiogetblk.patch : an async get block
implementation for ext2

I would really appreciate comments and review feedback
from the perspective of fs developers especially on
the latter 2 patches in terms of whether this seems a
sound approach or if I'm missing something very crucial
(which I just well might be)
Is this easy to do for other filesystems as well ?


Suparna Bhattacharya (
Linux Technology Center
IBM Software Labs, India

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