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SubjectRe: [PATCH] EISA aic7770 broken
>>>>> "Justin" == Justin T Gibbs <> writes:

Justin> Take a look in kernel/resource.c. request_region returns
Justin> *non-zero* if the region is already in use. The driver
Justin> doesn't want to try and probe a region that is in use by
Justin> another device. Your patch is incorrect.

request_region returns a pointer to the newly allocated resource when
it succeds, and NULL when it failed. It's the opposite logic
check_region uses.

Or am I *that* blind ?

Without this patch, the driver happily requests all EISA IO space, and
exits without any probing.

>> But the driver crashes badly while probing the card, somewhere in
>> ahc_runq_tasklet.
>> Any idea ?

Justin> Not without more information.

Ok, what can I do ?

System is a dual PII-300, with two integrated PCI AIC-7xxx.
Moreover, I have one 1740 and one 2740, which crashes at probe time.

Is there any trace you want me to put in ?


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