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SubjectRe: 2.5.64-mm1
Caught this one in my syslog while tinkering with it. It's the first
2.5 kernel to do anything useful on my laptop since 2.5.1 or so
(Compaq Evo n800), so I'm thrilled anyhow:

Debug: sleeping function called from illegal context at mm/slab.c:1660
Call Trace:
[<c011a747>] __might_sleep+0x5f/0x63
[<c013a5cf>] kmalloc+0x88/0x8f
[<c0239675>] usb_alloc_urb+0x21/0x5e
[<f087f067>] hci_usb_enable_intr+0x20/0xf8 [hci_usb]
[<f087f32e>] hci_usb_open+0x4e/0x9a [hci_usb]
[<f093200e>] hci_dev_get+0x7b/0x8c [bluetooth]
[<f0932616>] hci_dev_open+0xa3/0x20e [bluetooth]
[<c025a6e2>] sock_ioctl+0xca/0x210
[<c015eafb>] sys_ioctl+0xec/0x256
[<c010b1df>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

.config attached

[unhandled content-type:application/octet-stream]
Let me know if anyone wants to know more?


Andrew Morton <> writes:

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