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SubjectRe: 2.5.64bk3 no screen after Ok booting kernel
On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Jason Straight wrote:

> On Sunday 09 March 2003 02:39 am, Andrew Morton wrote:
> > "Adam J. Richter" <> wrote:
> > > On another desktop computer (a P3), I get no kernel printk's but user
> > > level programs print their output. For example I see fsck print its
> > > output. However, that computer system hangs after fsck apparently
> > > finishes. The computer with the console problems under 2.5.64bk3
> > > boots 2.5.64 and 2.5.64bk1 fine. I haven't tried 2.5.64bk2 yet.
> >
> > Did you try adding "console=tty0" to the boot command? That got broken
> > too.
> Yeah, got that. I think it's probably the fact that CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE isn't
> defined because it's not in the menuconfig anywhere, putting it in .config
> get's cleaned out by

CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE doesn't appear if you define CONFIG_INPUT as either m or
n. Rerun menuconfig, change the CONFIG_INPUT to y and then you can set

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