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SubjectRe: Console weirdness
On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Jan Dittmer wrote:

> But still, switching back from X to console corrupts the display.
> Switching back is fine though using the fbdev.diff patch. Without
> switching back and force works fine, except that the last line isn't
> properly redrawn (rivafb).

I am using rivafb with 2.5.64-bk2 kernel and with latest fbdev patches
and have following (minor) problems:

* switching to X and back ruins the colours totally. Soulution is to
fbset back to default mode. (I've even made hotkey for that ;-) )

* changing modes(to other than 640x480) will change the resolution but
not the 'console window' itself. That is - I have 640x480 window on the
corner for text console but actually 800x600 resolution. (Maybe it is a
feature? How to get it full-screened, anyway?)

* changing modes on one tty (even though -a was specified with fbset)
will not change modes on other ttys. When switching ttys with different
resolution, the screen blanks and I again have to use my hotkey to fbset
back to default resolution.

* using cat /dev/fb1 will produce kernel NULL pointer :-)

Oh.. and one quick question.. docs are talking about 'nice large console
without using tiny, unreadable fonts'. How to archieve that?

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