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SubjectRe: [BUG][2.5.64bk4] Weird problem with 2 PCs
Can't be, everything is grounded. If i disconnect the serial and reboot the 
A7M266-D it doesn't hang the IBM. I can only suspect the serial ground pin is
bad. I will tomorrow try 2.4.2x and see if this occurs. If it does NOT. Then
we have a problem here and finding it is going to be tough :-(


On Sunday 09 March 2003 5:49 pm, Shawn Starr wrote:
> I don't have an oops/panic to give because the box won't dump one on this
> issue.
> I have two PCs, an A7M266-D Athlon MP 2000+ and an IBM 300PL 6892-N2U PIII
> (Katmai) 450Mhz. If I leave the IBM machine on for a few hours or so, it's
> idle and just handling my mail/dns. The problem happens when I turn on the
> A7M266-D the other box locks up and reboots (due to panic=80).
> ksyslog/klogd aren't dumping any oopes to my logfile so I'm unable to
> capture the bug.
> 1. The PCs are connected via a router to my network.
> 2. The PCs are connected via serial port together (possibly causing the
> oops with interrupts?)
> Note, when I turn off and on the A7M266-D the IBM will not panic. It's only
> when the IBM is powered on for a few hours (if thats any help in narrowing
> down things).
> When It did panic, It reported __run_timers and a held spinlock by
> linux/timer.c but the EIP was 00000000 (garbage).
> Anyone else noticing strange things like this? This is really annoying :-(

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