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SubjectRe: [PATCH] small fixes in brlock.h

On 9 Mar 2003, Robert Love wrote:
> I guess nothing uses these irq variants. In fact, grepping the
> source... wow, not much uses brlocks at all. Only registered lock is
> BR_NETPROTO_LOCK. A read lock on it is called only 7 times and a write
> lock is used 31 times.
> Everything must of moved over to using RCU or something. It makes me
> question the future of these things.

No, I don't think there are even "moved to RCU" users. It's just never
been used very much, since the writes are _so_ expensive (in fact, there
have been various live-locks on the writer side, the whole brlock thing is
really questionable).

It's entirely possible that the current user could be replaced by RCU
and/or seqlocks, and we could get rid of brlocks entirely.


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