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SubjectRe: scheduler starvation running irman with 2.5.64bk2
At 09:50 PM 3/8/2003 -0500, wrote:
>irman triggers some odd behavior with 2.5.64bk2 on uniprocessor
>K6/2 475. "ps aux" hasn't returned for a couple hours, though
>irman appears to be doing it's thing. I haven't tried irman on smp.
>Time to run irman 3x.
>2.5.63 4066 seconds
>2.5.63-mjb1 2993 seconds
>2.5.63-mm2-dline 2856 seconds
>2.5.64 3473 seconds
>2.5.64bk2 ??

It _appears_ to be a valid test-case. I can reproduce this with
2.5.64+combo and B2. I can also influence it to behave. (that doesn't
mean that the scheduler changes are bust... could be that the test-case is
doing something bad)

Q/indicator: do you ever see ksoftirqd _wanting_ to run? (set top SCHED_RR)


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