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SubjectRe: [BK PATCH] klibc for 2.5.64 - try 2
Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> The last time I worked on something like this I put a dhcp client, and
> a tftp client in a single binary, my compressed initrd was only 16K on
> x86. And I had a complete network boot loader using the linux kernel.
> Now the kernel is so big and bloated it has not been practical to use
> it. So my effort has mostly been concentrated on etherboot. Which
> is essentially a mini-kernel that just focuses on being a network boot
> loader. And with etherboot I can get a udp/ip stack. With dhcp and
> tftp support, and an eepro100 nic driver into 38K on an Itanium (The
> platform with possible the most bloated binaries known to man). On x86
> with an eepro100 driver I can usually get it down to around 16K. (All
> sizes represent self decompressing executables).

Incidentally, any hope of getting Etherboot to act as a PXE stack any
time soon?

-hpa (ducks & runs)

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