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Subject2.5.64-bk3 UML kernel available
Good day, all,
For those interested in trying out a 2.5 kernel but are a little
nervous about using it on a production system, I have a precompiled UML
kernel at . Pull
down, decompress, and use with a uml root filesystem (see Options used are in , at .
As with any development kernel, please remember that this may very
well corrupt data. Please make a backup of your UML root filesystem
before using. The kernel _appears_ to work - no more guarantees than
that. :-)
(For those interested in compiling it themselves, Jeff's
2.5.63-um1 patch plus is all
that appears to be needed)
- Bill

"Do what you love, and love what you do, and you will never work
another day in your life."
William Stearns ( Mason, Buildkernel, freedups, p0f,
rsync-backup, ssh-keyinstall, dns-check, more at:
Linux articles at:

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