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    Subjectvery buggy 3DFx framebuffer support!!! :(

    I found out very buggy 3DFx framebuffer support :(

    when I select nothing when console bootings, I got white background under
    Tux, rolling up with black background of text. Then everything under Tux has
    black background and white text, but there, where is tux icon everything on
    the right side of the icon has still white background

    when I select in lilo

    my console gets screws up and I can't see anything under it. X windows but

    When I boot computer without append and then call it with fbset -a
    1024x768-75 things are the same ;( and I still can select Xwindows with alt+f7

    Please can anybody fix this?

    Linux 2.4.20 vanilla, gcc 3.0.4, Debian woody 3.0r1, 3DFx card, P3 733

    I don't get linux-kernel, so please if anybody will fix that, send me patches
    to test, coz some things were made in 2.4.19 and then thing goes worser then
    before. I wanna comunicate with developers to solve this, coz this bug is in
    kernel for a long time nonfixed :((

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