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SubjectRe: OLS2003 Performance BOF Proposals
> I would very much appreciate comments (even one-liners) on any  
> community interest in these two OLS Performance BoF sessions. I
> believe the topics are dissimilar and relevant enough to justify both:

> This BOF will include a discussion on Linux benchmark automation. We
> will discuss the features needed to provide an effective benchmark
> automation process for Linux. This will include, defining the
> configuration, input files, benchmark execution, output files, etc. We
> will also discuss the types of benchmarks that are tailored for rapid
> execution and results analysis, for maximum development impact.
> Linux changes occur very quickly in the open source community. There is
> a strong need to quickly collect and share performance data and
> analysis. However, there may be some instances where good, quality
> performance data collection and analysis take longer than the short
> turnaround required for maximum impact regarding newly released
> patches. We plan to discuss the most effective methodology for
> impacting Linux performance in a rapidly changing Linux open source
> community environment.

While the first is fairly clear on what the content might be,
its not very clear what the second is referring to..At first
I figured they were going to be discussing techniques like
how to automate the benchmark process to make it faster
(which would overlap with the first, I imagine?), but if not,
is it going to be about which benchmarks to run etc? or how to
avoid benchmark legalese miseries that can make them a big
headache?? :)


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