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SubjectRe: smatch update / 2.5.64 /
From: Oleg Drokin <>

> Also is anybody working on "redundant assignments" stuff as described in Standford guys papers?

I have been planning to write an equivelence module that
would save what variables where equivelent. For example ...
a = b = kmalloc();
c = a;
... a, b and c are all equivelent.

The redundant assignment check looks for places that
assign a variable to an equivelent variable. You would
need to check for this anyway as part of writing the
equivelence module.

The equivelence module has other uses as well ...
a = b = kmalloc();
if (!a) {
return -ENOMEM;
b->foo = bar;

Right now the dereference check prints a false positive
on those, but the equivelence module would fix that.

I don't have the "redundant code" paper in front of me,
so I forget what other types of things they looked for.

dan carpenter

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