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SubjectRe: Those ruddy punctuation fixes
Dan Kegel wrote:
> The next best thing might be for the spelling police
> to maintain an archive of all the accepted spellfix patches.

At the end of the day, bulk fixes may just be the least evil.

Alternatives like passing all spelling fixes individually through
the appropriate channels for each subsystem would still cause
conflicts, and also burden Linus with lots of re-iterations of
the same theme, coming from many directions and spread over weeks.

A bit of coordination would be useful, though. E.g. I suppose it
would hurt people like Dave Jones (with his 2.4 patch queue) a lot
less if the spelling changes would happen while their queue is
reasonably short.

> This spellfix business is way more work than is reasonable.

It will be easier the next time ;-)

- Werner

/ Werner Almesberger, Buenos Aires, Argentina /
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