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SubjectRe: Interrupt problem, no USB on SMP machine with 2.4.19/20/21
> On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 22:13, Greg KH wrote:
> > Have you booted with "noapic" on the command line? That's the only way
> > a lot of VIA motherboards will get their onboard USB controller to work
> > properly.
> VIA onboard devices require the interrupt line and pin are both written in
> APIC mode. Linux for reasons I still don't understand does not do that by
> default. The current -ac tree has a quirk for this although it doesnt seem
> to be working for all cases and needs a victim to review it more carefully

booting my -ac kernel with noapic gets the USB working (hooray and thanks).
I am just recompiling my gentoo-sources kernel to see if I can make that
work (it certainly doesn't without ACPI enabled).

I will play with config files and kernel sources and see if I can determine
whether anything *other* than the -ac branch will work correctly. Is there
any way that I can usefully help feed that info back to the developers? Are
there any tests that I can try?

Thanks for your help all

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