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SubjectRe: acx100_pci.o GPL but only binary version
Alan Cox wrote :
> On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 20:17, alx wrote:
> > acx100_pci.o wanna be a linux driver from the TI acx100 chipset.
> > but it doesn't work at all!
> > - First ifconfig SegFault
> > - Second hangs the machine
> Its a known one. No source, the GPL license appears to be a fiction
> designed to violate the Linux copyright. I guess someone needs a DMCA
> takedown order in the post

Actually, the problem is that TI (which we believe is the
author of the driver) doesn't itself distribute this driver, but it
seems that it has misteriously "leaked" on the net and it's just basic
Linux users that are putting it on their web page.
If you look at the Linux-Wlan mailing list archive, you will
see that this driver also contain code from the linux-wlan-ng driver,
and I don't know yet if they cut'n'paste code from the GPL version or
just bought the development kit from Linux-Wlan.
Anyway, as this driver doesn't seem to work (check the various
mailing list), I don't think there is any point making a big fuss and
we should politely ask TI (or whoever wrote the driver) to come clear
on this one.

Have fun...


P.S. : And in the Howto, TI is still marked as "unsupported".
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