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Subject[patch] simple task_prio() fix
Linus, while we are on the subject of the scheduler...

Trivial fix for task_prio() in the case MAX_RT_PRIO != MAX_USER_RT_PRIO
where all priorities are skewed by (MAX_RT_PRIO - MAX_USER_RT_PRIO).
The fix makes sense, as the full priority range is unrelated to the
maximum user value. Only the real maximum RT value matters.

The object code is the same for the 99% of the people who do not touch
the real-time priority defines.

Patch is against current BK - please, apply.

Robert Love

kernel/sched.c | 2 +-
1 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff -urN linux-2.5.64-bk/kernel/sched.c linux/kernel/sched.c
--- linux-2.5.64-bk/kernel/sched.c 2003-03-07 17:01:34.727552472 -0500
+++ linux/kernel/sched.c 2003-03-07 17:07:56.244553072 -0500
@@ -1629,7 +1629,7 @@
int task_prio(task_t *p)
- return p->prio - MAX_USER_RT_PRIO;
+ return p->prio - MAX_RT_PRIO;


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