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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scsi_error fix
On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 12:37:57AM +0100, wrote:

> scsi_error.c: apart from similar trivialities the only change:
> If a command fails (e.g. because it belongs to a newer
> SCSI version than the device), it is fed to
> scsi_decide_disposition(). That routine must return
> SUCCESS, unless the error handler should be invoked.
> In the situation where host_byte is DID_OK, and message_byte
> is COMMAND_COMPLETE, and status is CHECK_CONDITION, there is
> no reason at all to invoke aborts and resets. The situation
> is normal. I see here UNIT ATTENTION, Power on occurred
> and ILLEGAL REQUEST, Invalid field in cdb.
> The 2.5.64 code does not return SUCCESS, but it returns the
> return code of scsi_check_sense(), and that may be FAILED
> in case we do not have valid sense.
> Further discussion is possible here, but I changed the return
> into "return SUCCESS" and 2.5.64 boots fine.
> Andries
> [Further discussion and things I did not yet investigate:
> What was changed to make this fail first in 2.5.63?
> Experience shows that we get into a loop when something else
> than SUCCESS is returned here. Probably that is a bug elsewhere.
> Probably the commands that cause problems should never have been
> sent in the first place.]

The scsi error handler is also used to retrieve sense data for
adapters/drivers that do not auto retrieve it. In such cases, it should
not issue any aborts, resets etc.

Your change effectively disables that support - we never hit the code in
scsi_eh_get_sense() to request sense. It would be very nice if we could
fix (or audit) all the scsi drivers, apply your change and remove
scsi_eh_get_sense, but AFAIK that has not and is not happening.

I don't know if your adapter/driver has auto sense retrieval (imm.c?).

I would guess a change in scsi_error.c related to sense (scsi_eh_get_sense)
handling is causing problems, and if your driver has auto sense then
something is wrong with the scmd->sense_buffer.

It would still be useful to see the console log output with scsi_logging=1
for your failure case.

-- Patrick Mansfield
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