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SubjectRe: [Linux-NTFS-Dev] ntfs OOPS (2.5.63)
On Fri, 7 Mar 2003 18:56:41 +0100 (MET) Szakacsits Szabolcs <> wrote:

| On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, Randy.Dunlap wrote:
| > BTW, I think that this would be a reasonable reason (huh?) to dismiss
| > this bug against NTFS -- i.e., if it's found to be a problem in general
| > kernel debug helpers. Still be nice to find where it happened,
| > of course.
| It seems (and CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK also seems to contribute)
| init_MUTEX(&ni->mrec_lock);
| ...
| and IMHO that shouldn't happen :) But you have the infamous 2.96
| compiler, there were several updates for Red Hat [remember how buggy
| code it complied?] but I don't know how many updates were issued for
| Mandrake and if you did those. gcc 3.2.2 generates much nicer code for
| __ntfs_init_inode.

OK, I'm fine with closing it as not an NTFS issue or as a tools issue
or something along those lines.

Thanks for looking into this.
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