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SubjectRe: Kernel Bug at spinlock.h ?!
On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, ChristopherHuhn wrote:

> Hi again,
> >It looks like a possible race with rpc_execute and possibly the timer,
> >although i can't be certain where the other cpus are. Do the other oopses
> >look somewhat similar? Could you supply them?
> >
> >
> below are some oopses I gathered yesterday and today, all on different
> machines.
> I'd like to remark that we experience massive NFS problems at the moment
> that seem to be caused by our mixed potato 2.2/ woody 2.4 environment,
> i. e. linking apps on a woody system with the sources mounted via nfs
> from a potato box leads to obscure IO failures like "no space left on
> device" (This never happens with woddy only). So this might be a clue
> here as well.
> The oopses are all written down from the screen, I hopefully made little
> "transmission" errors.

Some of these are a bit worrying seeing as they are bit flips, also they
all appear to come from a UP machine(?) this would change things with
respect to my previous comment about races. Regarding weird io failures
are you mounting with the 'soft' option?


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