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Subject[PATCH] s390: update for 2.5.64.
Hi Linus,
another 2000 lines of patches for s390. They are against 2.5.64 + bk.

Short descriptions:
1) Basic bug fixes for s390.
2) Add support for system call numbers > 255. The svc instruction
provides 8 bits for the svc number. The additional system calls for
the posix timers pushed s390 over the edge of 256 system calls. To
support more than 256 system calls a second interface is introduced.
svc 0 is unused so far and will be used like the int 0x80 interface
on i386. The register %r1 contains the real system call number.
The new interface requires on additional instructions, e.g. getpid
with the new interface is "lhi %r1,20; svc 0" compared to the old
interface "svc 20". The old interface will be used for system call
number < 256 and the new one for calls >= 256.
3) dasd driver update. A race condition in dasd_end_request and a
compile fix for devfs.
4) shutdown/restart fixes for the lcs driver.
5) Fix some kmallocs with GFP_DMA but without GFP_KERNEL.
6) Make uni-processor kernels compile & work again.
7) Add code to wait for the root device. We had some trouble to
ipl on an LPAR where dasd devices may take time to respond.

blue skies,

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