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Subject[OOPS] 2.5.64, pppd (PPPoE)
Had an OOPS at bootup starting my PPPoE interfaces.

I am using 2.5.58 on this machine, trying to upgrade to .64.

Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000005
printing eip:
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0060:[<c030eee6>] Not tainted
EFLAGS: 00010202
EIP is at packet_dev_mclist+0x16/0x38
eax: 00000005 ebx: 00000001 ecx: 00002710 edx: 00000000
esi: cbcfb400 edi: 00000001 ebp: cad51e54 esp: cad51e48
ds: 007b es: 007b ss: 0068
Process pppd (pid: 268, threadinfo=cad50000 task=cba45320)
Stack: cbd1e964 cbfcf59c cbcfb400 cad51e74 c030f7bd cbcfb400 00000001
c03edc14 cbcfb400 00000001 cad51e94 c012aa27 c03edc14 00000001
cbcfb400 00000000 00001090 cad51eb8 c02ac6d6 c048bcc4 00000001
Call Trace:
[<c030f7bd>] packet_notifier+0x28d/0x2a8
[<c012aa27>] notifier_call_chain+0x23/0x40
[<c02ac6d6>] dev_open+0xb6/0xc4
[<c02adc71>] dev_change_flags+0x59/0x110
[<c02e61e4>] devinet_ioctl+0x2c4/0x5cc
[<c02e9047>] inet_ioctl+0xb3/0xf4
[<c02a5ab1>] sock_ioctl+0x1cd/0x1dc
[<c016779f>] sys_ioctl+0x1ef/0x210
[<c0109777>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

Code: 39 43 04 75 0b 57 53 56 e8 6d ff ff ff 83 c4 0c 8b 1b 85 db

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