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SubjectRe: emm386 hangs when booting from linux
On 2 March 2003 12:26, H.Rosmanith (Kernel Mailing List) wrote:
> hello again,
> I've still not found a solution, but at least I know what's happening
> when emm386 or similar crash the system. e.g., when starting
> "loadlin" (with no parameters!) the system will hang too. Reason is
> that loadlin will generate an int 0x13, which is the general

int 0x0d (13 decimal) is a protections fault.

In DOS, int 0x13 is a BIOS interrupt for low-level disk io.

> protection fault. I wonder *why*. Well, the int 0x13 handler I wrote
> just writes "int13" on top of the screen and does an iret, so the
> system will not crash anymore, but of course, the programs wont work.
> Another confusing thing I observed that even simply commands such as
> "copy <file1> <file2>" cause an int13!? and that DOS will become
> unusable quite soon (directories disappear and so on).

It is to be expected when you kill int 0x13 ;)

BTW, you may try linld:

instead of loadlin. Its source is way smaller ;)
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