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SubjectRe: Disabling ATAPI retry?
On 06 Mar 2003, Alan Cox wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-03-06 at 20:58, wrote:
>> Is there a boot parameter or a runtime command that can tell
>> the linux IDE driver not to automatically retry on error.
> There isn't. You can always build a kernel set not to, but even then
> it takes the drive firmware a sizeable time to retry a block.

Hrm. Is this something that is likely to be introduced at some point?

My interest lies in the fact that I use a Linux based DVD player which
locked up for around twenty minutes the other night trying to read a
dozen bad blocks on a DVD with a single scratch...

Being able to reduce that time lag to a minimum, even if it left the
hardware delays, would be great -- even if it was only for ATAPI

The biggest slowdown was the kernel retrying each block a number of
times, then performing a full ATAPI bus reset before giving up.


Why could one never do a natural thing without having to
screen it behind a structure of artifice?
-- Edith Wharton, _House of Mirth_
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