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SubjectRe: [BK PATCH] klibc for 2.5.64 - try 2
Roman Zippel wrote:
> Why would it be awkward? libgcc has the same problem, so they added this
> paragraph:
> In addition to the permissions in the GNU General Public License, the
> Free Software Foundation gives you unlimited permission to link the
> compiled version of this file into combinations with other programs,
> and to distribute those combinations without any restriction coming
> from the use of this file. (The General Public License restrictions
> do apply in other respects; for example, they cover modification of
> the file, and distribution when not linked into a combine
> executable.)
> Why can't we do something similiar?

Why does it matter?

>> Furthermore, I'm the author of most of the
>>code in there, and if someone really wants to rip it off it's not a huge
>>deal to me.
> If it becomes part of the kernel (and a core part, not just some driver),
> it would be awkward to have a completely different license, so this should
> not be done without a very good reason.

Why is it awkward?


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