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Subject2.5.64-mm1: Badness in request_irq

I have just installed and compiled 2.5.64-mm1 using gcc-3.2.2 and, when booting the system, I have found the
following error on the kernel ring:

Badness in request_irq at arch/i386/kernel/irq.c:475
Call Trace: [<c010afdd>] [<d08b3d3a>] [<d08b18c0>] [<d08b42c8>] [<d08b024e>] [<d08b42b0>]
[<d08b49c0>] [<d08b49e8>] [<c0191d6e>] [<d08b496c>] [<d08b49e8>] [<c01947f5>] [<d08b49e8>]
[<c019491c>] [<d08b49e8>] [<d08b4a04>] [<c0194c10>] [<d08b49e8>] [<d08bb160>] [<c0194fff>]
[<d08b49e8>] [<c0191eab>] [<d08b49e8>] [<d08a0019>] [<d08b49c0>] [<d08bb160>] [<c01302cd>]

This didn't happen with stock 2.5.64. I have attached the "config" file used to build the kernel along with a
"dmesg" of the offending kernel.

Please, contact me for further information :-)

Best regards,

Felipe Alfaro Solana

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