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SubjectRe: Linux 2.5.64
Compile statistics: 2.5.64

Warnings in an allmodconfig (modules build) went down by 70 and there
were 30 fewer errors in the build. Kernel build changes and bug fixes
get the credit for this positive movement.

2.5.63 2.5.64
-------------------- -----------------
bzImage (defconfig) 15 warnings 14 warnings
0 errors 0 errors

bzImage (allmodconfig) 29 warnings 30 warnings
9 errors 6 errors

modules (allmodconfig) 2426 warnings 2356 warnings
128 errors 99 errors

Compile statistics have been for kernel releases from 2.5.46 to 2.5.64

Other links:
Nightly linux-2.5 bk build:
2.5 porting items:
2.5 porting items history:

A summary of the porting items from the 2.5.64 kernel compile is:

MCA legacy (move driver to new sysfs API): 27 places
Misc porting reminders: 20 reminders
Documentation conversions to Documnentation/DMA-mapping.txt: 7 files
Other #error conversions: 1 files
__check_region deprecations: 90 files

Module use count changes:
_MOD_INC_USE_COUNT deprecations: 291 files
_MOD_DEC_USE_COUNT deprecations: 252 files


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