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SubjectRe: ieee1394: sbp2: sbp2util_allocate_request_packet
Good afternoon, Ben,

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Ben Collins wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 10:08:08PM +0100, Sebastian Zimmermann wrote:
> > I have a problem using an external firewire harddrive. When writing to
> > the disk (badblocks -w) I get an error message about every minute:
> >
> > kernel: ieee1394: sbp2: sbp2util_allocate_request_packet - no packets
> > available!
> > kernel: ieee1394: sbp2: sbp2util_allocate_write_request_packet failed
> > kernel: ieee1394: sbp2: aborting sbp2 command
> > kernel: Write (10) 00 09 51 b4 4a 00 00 fe 00
> >
> > This by itself is - except for small pauses once and then - no problem.
> > But when writing much data (dd for 40 GB), it gets worse after some
> > time:
> This is fixed the patch I send against -pre5. You can use the
> branches/linux-2.4 directory in the repo as a direct replacement for
> drivers/ieee1394 in fact (

It looks like the download page
( is out of date:

"See below for how to apply patches.

patch for 2.2.16-2.2.19 (released 2001-05-27)
patch for 2.4.2-2.4.4 (released 2001-05-22)
No patch is needed for newer 2.4 kernels and 2.5. Get
the latest version of this series or use svn."

I couldn't find a branches directory in the nightly tarball
link at .

Obviously I'm doing something wrong. :-)
Is there some page on linux1394 which contains either a tar of the
current 2.4 tree or a the most recent patch against 2.4?
My sincere thanks for all your work and help.
- Bill

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