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Subjectkernel crash?
Hi, there

I currently installed Redhat7.3 (kernel 2.4.18-3) and Squid-2.5-STABLE1
in my linux box serving as the firewall and http proxy/cache server to 30+
hosts, after a few hours' stress test -- 5~10hrs depends on the traffic, the
box will
crash with oops attached in the end FYI.

The traffic includes 120 Http requests/per second and others like ftp,
and udp.

The crash can be repeatable with most of time caused by process Squid, i
if the crash related with Squid, or something else, kernel? ext3 filesystem?
hardware related, my linux box use Celoron1G/VIA82C686/Intel82559.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated, thanks in advanced.

- Jianwen

Oops: 0000
EIP: 0010[c0166291] at journal_add_journal_head+0xc1/do
eax:00000000 ebx: d47abeb0 ecs:c3b9af80 edx:c3b9af80 esi:03b9af80
edi:d312d400 ebp:d37e9sc0 esp:db1bbdf4 ds:0019 es:0018 ss:0018
process squid(pid: 2335, stackpage=db1bb000)

00000000 00000001 de12d400 c0160d0c c3b9af80
00000000 db1bbe10 0000012b

CallTrace: [c0160d0c]journal_dirty_data+0x4c/180

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