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SubjectRe: 2.4.21-pre5-ac1: Broadcom gigabit ethernet quirk introduced
Jeff Garzik wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 09:37:09AM -0800, walt wrote:
>>Hi Alan,
>>I have an ASUS A7VX8 motherboard with built-in Broadcom gigabit
>>ethernet chip which has been working perfectly right up through
>>-pre4-ac7 and now has developed a strange problem starting with
> Is this difference present in plain-jane 2.4.21-pre4 versus 2.4.21-pre5?

Hi Jeff,

I compiled a plain -pre5 just for you ;-)

Yes, the difference apparently has nothing to do with Alan. And (as
another data point) I tried 2.5.64 and I find exactly the same problem
with the Broadcom chip: if I do the ifconfig down/up cycle the chip
starts working normally again. I haven't played with 2.5.x very much
so I can't tell you when the Broadcom problem started there. If you
have a theory to test, I could compile an older 2.5 if you like.

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