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SubjectRe: xmms (audio) skipping in 2.5 (not 2.4)
>> So ... is there any easy way I can diagnose this? Does anyone else have a
>> similar problem?
> Most of us who have worked with an O(1) scheduler based kernel have found
> this at various times. See the previous discussion with akpm about the
> interactivity estimator. Akpm found that decreasing the maximum timeslice
> duration would blunt the effect of the interactivity estimator giving
> preference to the "wrong" task. In 2.4.20-ck4 I avoid this problem with
> the "desktop tuning" of making the max timeslice==min timeslice. Try an
> -mm kernel with the scheduler tunables patch and try playing with the
> max timeslice. Most have found that <=25 will usually stop these skips.
> The default max timeslice of 300ms is just too long for the desktop and
> interactivity estimator.

Heh, cool. I have the same patch in my tree too, fixed it without rebooting
even ;-) Still a *tiny* bit of skipping, but infinitely better than it was.
Thanks very much,


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