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SubjectBooting 2.5.63 vs 2.4.20 I can't read multicast data

I give the 2.5 series a try every once in a while and found the
2.5.63 booted and ran reasonably well.

I happen to working on some multicast stuff and found that I can't
read multicast data when running 2.5.63.

Switched back to 2.4.20 and the multicast data reads fine.

Back to 2.5.63 and nada. tcpdump shows the data showing up
at the interface. I double checked the obvious stuff like
multicast being turned on in the kernel.

I even have tulip and rtl-8139 based cards I can switch between
and that made no difference either.

Is there something I have to set someplace to get multicast
support in 2.5.x?

Brian Litzinger
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