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SubjectRe: PCI init issues

I added the following line just before "return best_guess;" in the
io_apic.c file:

printk("IO_APIC: APIC:%d, BUS:%d, SLOT:%d, IRQ BEST_GUESS: %d\n",apic, bus,
slot, best_guess);

I also increased the size of the kernel syslog ring buffer so the important
information would not be lost.

Here is the whole messages file including the debug output (search for

(See attached file: msg)

I'll try the ACPI irq lookup stuff to see if it makes a difference.


Linus Torvalds
<torvalds@transm To:> cc: Ivan Kokshaysky
<>, <>,
Becker <>,
Greg KH <>, jamal <>,
03/04/2003 11:41 Garzik <>,
AM <>,
Robert Olsson <>
Subject: Re: PCI init issues

On Tue, 4 Mar 2003 wrote:
> Here is the full messages output for a system with this problem. I
> only provided part of the
> messages file to him earlier. This is the entire output.

Well, the interesting parts are missing, because your klogd output has
been truncated due to the huge output from the md layer etc. However, I
suspect strongly that the issue is in IO_APIC_get_PCI_irq_vector() in
arch/i386/kernel/io_apic.c, and I would further guess that it's the fact
that your MP tables don't have the full mapping or we're somehow screwing
it up.

Can you add a printk() to the case where we return "best_guess" at the end
of that function? We have that fuzzy match thing where if we cannot find
the exact entry in the MP table we instead use the first entry that
matches in everything but the <pin> number, and it would be interesting to
hear if that's the logic that triggers.

It's also quite possible that your MP tables just aren't right, and the
reason XP works on the machine is that XP uses the ACPI irq lookup stuff.
You could try enabling ACPI bootup support (I've never used it on 2.4.x
myself, but it's required for at least one of my machines and works fine
on 2.5.x).


(See attached file: msg)
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