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SubjectRe: PCI init issues

On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, Ivan Kokshaysky wrote:
> Indeed, looks like only pin 0 (INT_A of that card) is connected. :-(

Well, I'd say it looks like the MP table _claims_ that only pin0 is
connected. Remember: the claim was that this machine worked on WinXP.

So there are at least two potential reasons for that:

- The MP table is simply wrong, and WinXP gets the routing information
from somewhere else (ie most likely ACPI)

- The MP table is right, and only pin0 is connected, and WinXP only uses
pin0 (ie it puts the card in some state where all irqs are shared
across all of the four tulip chips).

Maybe somebody can come up with other schenarios.

It would be interesting to hear what "Device Manager" (or whatever it is
called) unde WinXP claims the interrupts are on this machine... Are they
all on irq 48 on XP too? Or has XP gotten magic knowledge somewhere
(ACPI?) and they are on different irq's?


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