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SubjectIDE DVD reading & error handling

Is there a way to optimize the IDE layer to handle DVD
read errors more gracefully ?

Most used DVDs (borrowed from a local library, etc.) seem to have some
defects. Those cause the IDE layer to get stuck for quite a while,
interrupting the movie playback. It might be better to just return an
error for that sector and let the player software continue.

I wonder if it would be possible to tune the IDE layer by i.e.
reducing the number of retries and disabling the controller reset, etc.

I haven't fiddle with the below numbers, yet. Just wondering if that
could improve the situation, or if there are any other tricks that one
could play here ?

* Probably not wise to fiddle with these
#define ERROR_MAX 8 /* Max read/write errors per sector */
#define ERROR_RESET 3 /* Reset controller every 4th retry */
#define ERROR_RECAL 1 /* Recalibrate every 2nd retry */



PS: Also which DVD ROM do people recommended in general ?
Which one seems to have a decent error correction scheme
not just a high read speed?

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