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SubjectRe: Loading and executing kernel from a non-standard address using SY SLINUX
> I am trying to load and boot the kernel from a non-standard address
> (0x200000). I am using the SYSLINUX boot loader, which loads the
> kernel at that address. I have also made changes to the kernel to
> setup code and startup_32() function to effect the same. When I boot
> the system It says
> Loading.......... Ready
> Uncompressing Linux... OK Booting the kernel
> and then hangs.
> I guess the reason being the entries are still using the
> PAGE_OFFSET = 0xc0000000, as opposed to 0xc0100000.
> I have the following questions??
> 1. How do i change the to get the right PAGE_OFFSET.
> 2. Will it work if I load and boot the kernel from a different address
> like (0xdf000000)??
> 3. Am I in the right track or missing something.

The kernel should decompress itself to the right space anyway ... check
arch/i386/boot/compressed/head.S ... should be minimal changes needed,
if any.


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