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SubjectRe: Bad interactive behaviour in 2.5.65-66 (sched.c)
On Mon, 2003-03-31 at 09:05, Mike Galbraith wrote:
> > > I don't think it's really bad for system responsiveness. I think the
> >
> >What drugs are you on? 2.5.65/66 is the worst interactive kernel I've
> >ever used, it would be _embarassing_ to release a 2.6-test with such a
> >rudimentary flaw in it. IOW, a big show stopper.
> It's only horrible when you trigger the problems, otherwise it's wonderful.

With scheduler tunables (in -mm, for example), setting min_timeslice =
max_timeslice = 25 helps a lot with those problems (at least for me) :-)

> > > problem is just that the sample is too small. The proof is that simply
> > > doing sleep_time %= HZ cures most of my woes. WRT contest and it's
> >
> >Irk, that sounds like a really ugly bandaid.
> Nope, it's a really ugly _tourniquet_ ;-)
> >I'm wondering why the scheduler guys aren't all over this problem,
> >getting it fixed.
> I think they are.

I hope so ;-)

Felipe Alfaro Solana
Linux Registered User #287198

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