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SubjectRe: very poor performance in 2.5.66[-mm1]
David Mansfield wrote:
> Hi list.
> After all of the rave reviews about the interactivity fixes (both regular
> and I/O scheduler related), I decided to give the 2.5.latest a try on my
> desktop machine (system described below)
> I started X, everything seemed fine, maybe a bit faster. I opened a
> 'gnome-terminal' and typed 'ls -ltr'. Wow, it was 20x slower.
> Here are the timings for 'ls -ltr':
> 2.5.66-mm1: 'ls -ltr' 31 seconds
> 2.5.66-mm1: 'ls -ltr | cat' 2 seconds
> 2.4.18-rhlatest: 'ls -ltr' 1.14 seconds

I've noticed this on all kernels and it seems scheduling related
hence why the latest triggers it for you. As far as I can see
most times writing data to gnome-terminal WHICH CAUSES IT TO SCROLL
it takes a ridiculous amount of time. If I take some CPU time away
from gnome-terminal by the official "window wiggling" method it
runs much faster. Note it's not rendering (antialiasing) related
as I turned that off with the same effect.


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