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    SubjectRe: NFS/ReiserFS problems 2.5.64-mbj1
    On March 29, Neil Brown wrote:
    > One possibility is that you are using the new nfs-utils 1.0.3, but you
    > reported the bug before I announced it (though it was in CVS and on
    > by then so maybe...)!

    You are right, I am using the nfs-utils 1.0.3 as I downloaded them as soon as
    I saw them on ;-)

    > The new code uses a different path to export filesystems which didn't
    > include the setting of find_exported_dentry.
    > The following patch should fix that.

    Thank you!
    I'll try it tonight and write you my results...

    > If you aren't using 1.0.3, then I am at a loss. A filesystem can only
    > be exported via call to exp_export, and that does set
    > sb->s_export_op->find_exported_dentry
    > NeilBrown

    Thomas Schlichter[unhandled content-type:application/pgp-signature]
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