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SubjectRe: [BENCHMARK] 2.5.63-mm2 + i/o schedulers with contest
Con Kolivas wrote:

>Here are contest ( benchmarks using the osdl
>hardware ( for 2.5.63-mm2 and various i/o schedulers:
Thanks :)

>It seems the AS scheduler reliably takes slightly longer to compile the kernel
>in no load conditions, but only about 1% cpu.
It is likely that AS will wait too long for gcc to submit another
read and end up timing out anyway. Hopefully IO history tracking
will fix this up - for some loads the effect can be much worse.

>CFQ and DL faster to compile the kernel than AS while extracting or creating
This is likely to be balancing differences from LCPU% it does
seem like AS is doing a bit more "load" work.

>AS significantly faster under writing large file to the same disk (io_load) or
>other disk (io_other) conditions. The CFQ and DL schedulers showed much more
>variability on io_load during testing but did not drop below 140 seconds.
small randomish reads vs large writes _is_ where AS really can
perform better than non a non AS scheduler. Unfortunately gcc
doesn't have the _best_ IO pattern for AS ;)

>CFQ and DL scheduler were faster compiling the kernel under read_load,
>list_load and dbench_load.
>Mem_load result of AS being slower was just plain weird with the result rising
>from 100 to 150 during testing.
I would like to see if AS helps much with a swap/memory
thrashing load.

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